[time-nuts] Wenzel oscillator - L1 value?

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Wed Apr 23 14:23:24 UTC 2014

I'm currently playing around with crystal oscillators (specifically a homebrew OCXO) and came across the Wenzel low-distortion crystal oscillator:

This uses an inductor (L1) to trim the crystal frequency, with the note that a varactor/varicap could be added to allow the frequency to be trimmed electronically.

Has anyone built one of these oscillators?

How would you pick a value for L1? I've been reading up on other crystal oscillator types (Colpitts, Clapp,...) and have yet to find anything which uses this style of frequency trimming.

Where would I add the varactor if I wanted to add EFC? Across C3?

philpem at philpem.me.uk

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