[time-nuts] New timing receivers?

Jim Miller jim at jtmiller.com
Mon Apr 28 03:05:31 UTC 2014

I spent some time reading the uBlox-6 documentation. I found the TIM-TP ubx
message and format. I see that there is also the ability to feed back to
the uBlox-6 time shift info for the PPS in 1ns increments.

Does it make sense to feed the TIM-TP info back this way to provide

Or is an external delay line or TIC plus software the only way?


jim ab3cv

On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 7:59 PM, Jim Miller <jim at jtmiller.com> wrote:

> I'm reading though the manual for my recently acquired M12+T which I'm
> looking forward to using.
> I notice that the manual is dated 09FEB05.
> So the M12+T has been around for about a decade.
> Are there more recent timing receivers available now or has the ubiquity
> of the consumer GPS market distracted all investment from timing receivers
> except at the high end?
> Thanks
> Jim AB3CV

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