[time-nuts] Influence of Cycle Wraps on TInt-Measurements with 53132A

Hans Holzach hans.holzach at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 18:28:22 UTC 2014

i use an Agilent 53132A as a TIC and Uli's "Plotter" to analyze the time 
interval data of two oscillators. after removing the cycle wraps and the 
drift there often remains a repeating pattern that i have not been able 
to explain, e.g. TI increases, then drops a little bit and starts to 
increase again, etc.

autocorrelating the data reveals clear and nice peaks. today i noticed 
that the distance between two peaks is equal to the time from one cycle 
wrap to the next.

it is obvious that using frequency dividers and avoiding cycle wraps 
would eliminate or at least reduce the problem. but of course i'd like 
to understand why this problem arises. any hint will be very much 

thank you,

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