[time-nuts] SRS FS700 questions

stan, W1LE stanw1le at verizon.net
Sat May 3 18:18:19 UTC 2014

Hello Nigel,

I would consider doing the maintenance/calibration/performance 
verification procedure in the manual.
A procedure will show if you have equal swing on the VCXO about the 
center freq needed.
The VCXO can be mechanically adjusted for center of the VCXO electronic 
control range.

I recall no backlight on the LCD on mine.

It has been awhile since I last turned mine on.

Stan, W1LE

On 03-May-14 12:57 PM, GandalfG8 at aol.com wrote:
> My FS700 arrived yesterday, complete with bonus artistic  effects due to
> the sender believing a thin coat of bubble wrap  with an outer layer of
> cardboard cut from a box and just taped on top,  no padding or air gap, would be
> the obvious way to ship  it:-(
> Physically at least it seems to have survived remarkably well, no damage to
>   the BNCs and the front panel trim, outer covers and transformer cover all
> looking pretty good again after a couple of hours work.
> Not having any rack ears attached was probably quite a bonus with it
> shipped like this!
> The only obvious internal "damage", and it might have been that way before
> shipping anway, are three vertical inductors held to the circuit board by
> silicon rubber or hot melt adhesive that are loose but still seem to be
> electrically connected
> Anyway, it powered up ok and is indicating it's locked onto Anthorn in the
> Lessay chain, even if it does believe it's found the never built station at
> Loop  Head in Ireland:-), but I'm not sure if it's functioning properly.
> It's close enough that I don't want to start pulling it apart for the sake
> of it without being sure, and it may just be a case of waiting for it to
> settle,  but after showing as "locked" for several hours the 10MHz output, as
> indicated  both by the internal display and an external counter, is swinging
> back and  forth quite rapidly anywhere within approx +/- 3 parts in  10^9.
> There was an obvious change in the crystal oscillator frequency as the oven
>   warmed, and another when the conditioning seemed to take over, but it's
> been  "hunting" like this ever since it first indicated lock and with no
> obvious  change, just when I do think it might be converging it "opens up"  again.
> So first question is, can anyone tell me please if this is "normal" or
> close enough that I should expect it to settle eventually, or do I need to
> start  investigating further?
> Second question, could somebody confirm please whether or not the LCD
> display is supposed to be backlit?
> This one isn't, but it's not immediately obvious from photos I've found
> online whether or not it should be, and although the contrast range on  this
> seems to be fine it's certainly not easy to see.
> Last question, for now at least:-), this unit has the FS800 PCB rev C, with
>   revision 2.0 firmware, does anyone know if any later firmware is available
> that  includes Anthorn, or at least Rugby, as part of the Lessay chain?
> Regards
> Nigel
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