[time-nuts] Need simple test command to verify connection to UT PLUS module

David Feldman wb0gaz at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 22:09:08 UTC 2014

I have interfaced a Motorola Oncore UT PLUS module to my Linux PC via serial port and RS-232 adapter. When I power up the module I see 1 PPS from the pin (currently connected to a LED via current limiting resistor.) The port is set to 9600 bps 8/N/1 but no messages are being seen (I think this is normal as the unit is normally/initially polled?)

As I am not using windows, I cannot make use of application program there to test my interface. I do not wish to implement "NTP" on Linux as my eventual target is not Linux, it is just my initial test environment.

After reading chapter 6 of the Oncore user's guide, I realize I'll need to generate commands that include a checksum byte. Would anyone be able send me a short test command byte string (with checksum) so I can verify the hardware? My plan is to build my own application to work with the device, but before I start down that path I'd like to know that I've got a workable hardware connection.



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