[time-nuts] Datum 4065A Cs Standard Info?

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Sun May 11 18:26:55 UTC 2014

I realize that this question has been asked before, but it's worth 
asking again.  Has anyone come up with any technical info on any of the 
4065A or any of the other 4065 Cesium standards or the 5045A Cs Module 
that it contains?  I have checked the archives and searched extensively 
through Google.  I have the operating manual for the 4065C, but it looks 
like it was OCR'd and not edited to correct typos so some of the info is 
garbled so a new copy would be welcome.

The immediate reason I'm looking for more info is that I noticed that 
even when I replace the OCXO with a fixed 10 MHz, and the synthesizer 
with a fixed 12.631... MHz signal, the system reports wildly varying 
levels of beam current.  Nominal levels are 2500 +-500 ( I think - 
that's one of the garbled parts), but I see levels from < 50 up to 
4000.  But I found the beam current monitor point and the level there is 
stable.  So does this indicate another circuit fault, or is it just 
because the system can't control the frequencies?


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