[time-nuts] Stuff for free and for sale

Joseph Gray jgray at zianet.com
Mon May 12 02:31:43 UTC 2014

I'm posting this to both the Time Nuts and Volt Nuts list, as some
folks don't belong to both.

I need to get rid of some items. It has gotten so cluttered around
here that I can hardly get any work done.

Several items are free for the cost of postage. These items are marked
(postage). The rest of the items are to go for whatever is offered,
plus postage. All items working, unless stated otherwise. On the loose
parts and boards, who knows.

Six circuit boards from a trashed Fluke 839A. (postage)

Three standard dry cells that are no longer any good. (postage)

Two Narda Model 491 power monitors. One marked "bad", the other marked
"drifts". (postage)

Fluke 8842A multimeter w/ GPIB. Non-working. (postage)

Circuit board from a Keithly 191 multimeter. Has an LM399H and other
goodies on it. (postage)

Advantec PCM-5820 PC-104 computer:

Soekris net4501 in a box (has Monowall on CF):

Leeds and Northrup four decade resistance in wooden box.

General Radio four decade resistance in wooden box.

General Radio four decade resistance in metal box. Broken plastic at
base of one terminal.

Eico five decade resistance in metal box.

General Resistance Dial-A-Vider seven decade resistance in rack-mount box

Fluke 510A AC reference standard. Has original NiCad pack, but I
removed it to prevent corrosion.

Fluke A90 current shunt. One terminal has cracked plastic outer piece

Keithley 197 5-1/2 digit microvolt DMM.

Bio-Rad Power Pac 300. Front panel programmable voltage and current
(10-300 VDC in 1 V steps, 4-400 mA in 1 mA steps). Originally used for

HP 59501B isolated DAC / Power supply programmer.

I may have more items later, as I continue to shovel out the closets
and the garage.

Joe Gray

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