[time-nuts] HP 53131A rev. 3413 firmware upgrade?

Elio C eliocor at gmail.com
Mon May 19 00:18:21 UTC 2014

I have already searched on Time-Nuts list but I have not found any
reference to my needs: because I know lots of you are using the same
device, I will ask here:

I own an HP 53131A (opt 010) with firmware rev. 3413
according to its programming guide:

If your Agilent 53131A contains Firmware Revision 3413, refer to the
subsection titled "Firmware Revision Work-Around Commands" on page 4-77. It
is important to refer to this subsection if your counter contains Firmware
Revision 3413 because several measurement functions commands will not work
with this firmware revision; thus, work-around commands must be used.
The commands that required work-around commands are:

To your knowledge, is there any newer^ firmware release* without such
I have no trouble at all to (re)program the PLCC eproms.
Unfortunately I do not know the serial # of the unit (bought to a flea

.      TIA
_         Elio.

^) according to "Assembly-Level Service Guide" page 7-14, latest fw
revision is rev 3646:
*) on the "Assembly-Level Service Guide" page 6-8 they mention a fw rev
3427 which should be backward compatible...

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