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In France, we also use SI units, hPa for atmospheric pressure, but m/s in technical reports (marine, aviation. ..) and km/h in "consumer" products aka weather forecasts on TV...
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In message <BLU170-W517A3E7D32E32BE4C3D3A4CE390 at phx.gbl>, Mark Sims writes

>I am building a weather sensor that includes a ultrasonic anemometer

>Now the question...  I would like it to be able to output data in
>imperial or metric units.  In what units is the typical wind speed
>reported  (meters/sec,  km/hour, ?).   Also air pressure

Whatever you do, use SI units internally and make it an option for the
user to get those.  Convert from SI to whatever the user wants in their
local cultural geograpy.

PS: In Denmark we use the SI units:  Meter per second and hectopascal.

See for instance:	


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