[time-nuts] Toy radiolocation and LORAN envelope

Graeme Zimmer gzimmer at wideband.net.au
Tue May 27 10:40:24 UTC 2014

Hello Andrea,

> The angle could be found with a directional antenna or inerferometry, but about
> the distance?

About the only reliable way to locate hidden transmitters is by field 
strength. The problem in built-up areas is reflections.

At one time Doppler DF systems were popular, but anybody who has used 
one will tell you they are usually more trouble than they are worth.

A simple beam or dipole is useful, but only when out in the open country

By simply gridding the area, and drawing a field strength map, you will 
soon cut the location down to a small area. Then with a field strength 
meter you can walk right up to it.

When doing professional DF work, I would use a scanner with an external 
S-meter and an effective attenuator in the antenna lead.

Regards........... Zim

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