[time-nuts] TymServe 2100 OCXO (MTI 240-0530-D)

Gerhard Wittreich gerhard at wittreich.org
Tue Jun 2 13:32:25 UTC 2015

I just discovered that a correct model MTI OCXO (MTI 240-0530-D) for the
TS-2100 is currently available on eBay.  In the past MTI 240's of different
versions have been available but unsuitable for the TS-2100.  Price is
$45.99 + shipping.  I have one on the way.

NEW Symmertricom BC11736-1000 MRI 240-0530-D 010285-0530-D Crystal

Now, has anyone replaced a stock oscillator with the correct MTI 240 in a
TS-2100?  Glad to take this off-line of the topic is not of general

Gerhard R. Wittreich, P.E.

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