[time-nuts] z3801a - serial help and for sale

Mike Feher mfeher at eozinc.com
Fri Jun 12 00:21:09 UTC 2015

I modified one of my 3801s by placing a home brew linear power supply in it and a regular 3 connector AC plug in place of the 48 volt one. The power supply with the transformers was a tight fit, but I managed. It has been working fine for about 12 years. I also replaced the solid top cover with a fine mesh copper cover to get rid of the extra heat. Regards - Mike . 

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Thanks for the suggestions!

It turns out the answer was.... my serial dongle was failing.

*head bonk*  I swapped it out for another FDTI-based dongle and suddenly there's a happy working z3801a.

Before I throw it on eBay, would anyone like a working (yay!) z3801a modified to take mains power?  I'll throw in a little puck antenna and a homebrewed rs232 db25-to-db9 cable.  Pictures as per my previous email about it.

(please CC: me on reply -- I'm stuck in digest subscription and having
issues.)  ((No 'issues' jokes, please. :))

I'll note there's a risk that putting the switcher in it causes added noise.  I haven't measured it precisely enough to tell.  I didn't need nanoseconds for what I was using it for, but I did want it to be pain-free to plug in and use.


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