[time-nuts] low budget UT+ newbie time-nut project: Frequency Reference

Bob Fleming Bob.Fleming at usa.com
Tue Jun 16 20:50:51 UTC 2015

UT+  $10.95
A couple parts from the usual auction site:
USB interface item #131175999976  $3.56
MCX Connector, 2 for $4
and a wire from the junk box that already had a TNC plug on it.
Downloaded software: WinCore12
Under $18 and a fantastic learning opportunity.
The most difficult thing was configuring a USB port on my computer to make everything happy at the same time.
Overall, a very easy and pleasant experiment.

I am getting enough signal indoors at the top of my bench for a good fix.
WinCore12 works and is free. Apparently I was fortunate to receive the timing version from Bob Stewart.
Wincore12 allows selection of the 100PPS in the timing mode window.
near the bottom of the page.

I have been able to screwdriver discipline the OCXO in an '80s vintage lab grade frequency counter well beyond my needs. It is a cheap ebay Fluke 1953A with option 20. I got lucky.
Down to waiting 28 hours to see the results of each adjustment. Averaging 1PPS over 10e5 periods and measuring pico seconds of error. The old OCXO is much more stable than I expected.
Bob Fleming N5TX

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