[time-nuts] FE-5680A commands

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Hi there

I've come across the following resources for the one I was fooling with...

Here, on the archive of this list:

Some more information:

A really good PDF here:

A datasheet with more information on the hexadecimal frequency setting:

Hope some of this helps!

	-Randal "r3" of CubeCentral

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I was wondering if anybody has the full command set for this Rb oscillator.  I know that FE-5680A means very different things and some commands are unit type dependent, but I think that there should be commands to monitor some health data, something similar to the LPRO-101 and FRS-C which have analog outputs of the lamp and oscillator voltages.
Also since this unit has a 1PPS output, maybe a means of steering it is built in.
I have the FE-5680A Calibrator program by Bob Campbell VK4XV, but it only uses the offset commands, maybe others have developed other programs or at least have the command info.

Ignacio EB4APL
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