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Hi all - this website has some older books from the 50's and 60's  that may help.
Links are at
Most of the way to the bottom of the page.

I hope this is helpful..

Passive components (transformers, capacitors...)

Capacitors, Magnetic Circuits, and Transformers, Leander Matsch, 1964, 350 pages
A detailed text on capacitors, inductors, and transformers.  Great info for those wanting a deep understanding of these passive components.  Good theory and practical applications, especially on transformers and inductors.
Download full text with index, 3.2MB PDF file

Electronic Transformers and Circuits, Reuben Lee, 1955, 349 pages - Courtesy of John Atwood
This book is a "reference on the design of transformers and electronic apparatus".  It covers the design of power transformers, chokes, and signal (audio) transformers.  It also talks a bit about circuitry, as it relates to transformers. Enough theory to understand what's going on, as well as practical info on how to construct transformers.
Download full text, 24MB PDF file

Handbook of Piezoelectric Crystals,  John P. Buchanan, 1956, 701 pages - Courtesy of an anonymous donor
Wow - of military origin, a 700 page book about crystals!  A rare source of information on peizo crystals, as they relate mostly to communications.
Download full text,   48MB PDF file

Hipersil® Core Design Engineer's Handbook, Westinghouse , 1965, 108 pages
This is a design guide and materials databook for Westinghouse Hipersil transformer cores.   A good design guide for transformers and cokes, and has detailed material data (curves and data tables) for Hipersil steel.
Download full text, 1.9MB PDF file

John, K1AE

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The problem with coils (inductors) is that they are indeed on the “other side” 
of the physics / electrical engineering divide. They are not unique in this way. 
Most components are dealt with to a “equivalent model” level and then abandoned
in engineering. 

You have two choices:

1) Read the physics stuff
2) Go back far enough that the divide had not occurred ( <= 1950’s).

Sorry about that ….


> On Jun 22, 2015, at 2:02 PM, Attila Kinali <attila at kinali.ch> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was looking up some stuff and realized (again) that I don't know
> anything about how magnetic electronic components (inductors/solenoids,
> transfomers, baluns, ferrite beads...) work. Yes, I can calculate
> the inductance, I know how to get from the AL value to number of
> windings. But I don't know anything about the practical issues
> or where they come from. Unfortunatelly, this knowledge seems to
> generally rare among EEs (at least everyone I asked in the last
> couple of years) and books about it are either long out of print
> (with no pdf available) or more geared towards the physics student.
> So, does anyone have any recomendation where I could read up
> on this? Books, pdfs, webpages,... anything.
> Also something that covers more the application side, ie how to
> use ferrite beads/toroids to build devices, would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
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