[time-nuts] Problems with WinOncore12 2.1X3 and an M12+T

Philip Pemberton lists at philpem.me.uk
Sun Jan 3 16:19:11 UTC 2016


I'm currently testing a Motorola M12+T receiver for possible use in a
GPS-disciplined 10MHz oscillator. At the moment, I'm using WinOncore12
version 2.1X3 to communicate with it.

Unfortunately this version of WinOncore seems to be unable to decode the
12-channel control messages, which means things like the TRAIM status
don't display -- Pulse Status is always "Off", the Sawtooth is a flat
line, and Sigma and Error are zero. If I open up the command monitor, I
can see a bunch of "unrecognized command" errors for "@@Hn". If I change
the timing settings I get one for "@@Gf" too, and the

If you use a serial port monitor, you can see that the response to the
@@Hn and @@Gf messages are actually valid, and the parameters look
reasonable (e.g. actual sawtooth and pulse status values).

Does anyone have a version of WinOncore12 which works correctly with the
M12+T, or know of a way to get this one to behave itself?

lists at philpem.me.uk

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