[time-nuts] Loran Europe Lessay seems to be back on air?

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Mon Jan 4 17:55:28 UTC 2016

Definitely something unusual going on, overall signal level as monitored on 
 an SDR is significantly lower than normal and seems to have dropped out 
from  time to time, and as of approximately 1750 the master signal is no 
longer  present.
In a message dated 04/01/2016 17:26:06 GMT Standard Time, GandalfG8 at aol.com 

As of 1725, 4th January, Lessay seems to have been transmitting  again for 
at least 30 minutes, and showing the same or a slightly stronger  signal 
here on the west coast of Scotland than Anthorn.
I've never seen this before, Anthorn is much closer and has always been a  
stronger signal so I'm quite intrigued, and tempted to  wonder whether 
Anthorn is now also transmitting the master signal.

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