[time-nuts] NTBW50AA Problem

Michael Bauer mjbauer46 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 01:49:12 UTC 2016

My subj Nortel Trimble GPSTM had been working well for about two years.
Changed QTH by about 20 miles, reconnected with same power supply, coax and
antenna.  Cannot see any GPS satellites or 10 mHz output (9.8MHz on 8X Chip
is present and front panel LEDs show the unit responding to software
commands as before).

Lady Heather and tboltmon both report ROM, RAM, OSC, POWER, EEPROM and
ANTENNA OK thru RS-232 interface.  Replaced bullet antenna anyway - no
change.  5VDC present at antenna and it draws about 33 mA.  Other local GPS
devices (two vehicles and one EarthMate) achieve 3D fixes from ground level
antennas.  Performed warm, cold and hard resets (erasing former GPS
position), min elevation set at 15 degrees.  Survey starts, but doesn't
proceed.  All eight satellite status lines show yellow and zero's across.
Undisciplined, No GPS time, no Posn.  Start date is reported as 07 April
2019 week 2048.

The unit performed flawlessly at previous QTH frequently showing good
signals from 7-8 GPS satellites.  What happened?  Do I have a broken box
that cannot be detected by software control/reporting programs?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


Mike - W7GW

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