[time-nuts] NTGS50AA Palisade GPS + PPS = False Ticker?

Ed Armstrong eds_equipment at verizon.net
Sat Jan 9 05:00:39 UTC 2016

I've got a Nortel / Trimble NTGS50AA which I've modified for PPS out 
connected to a raspberry pi NTP server.. I've got it using the PPS and 
the type 29 "Palisade" clock as the prefer server. 2 other public NTP 
servers and all is good.

When I try to use just the GPS & PPS, it works for a few minutes, then 
marks both as false ticker. Any Ideas? I've got the serial connection 
from the front port of the NTGS50AA going through a max 232, from there 
through an FTDI board to a computer. Data output from the NTGS50AA is 
fed to the Pi, Pi can't talk back. Lady Heather is running on the PC. Pi 
receives the TSIP messages with just an occasional failure.

I ran for weeks with just adafruit ultimate breakout NMEA & PPS only, 
never any trouble.


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