[time-nuts] Tait reference

Steve Wiseman sjwiseman at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 11:27:20 UTC 2016

http://download.wrx.sk/pdfs/tait/Networks/Quasi.pdf says:

Quasi-Sync works by broadcasting simultaneously from several
transmitters on the same frequency. The transmitters then operate as a
single transmitter giving superior coverage. A Tait T801 Frequency
Reference Module accurately maintains the frequency of the
transmitters at each site. Where required, the T801 allows small
frequency offsets to prevent the occurrence of static nulls in the
overlap area. The T801 module may be driven from one of a number of
frequency references, such as; • Rubidium frequency standard •
Broadcast frequency standard • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators
(OCXOs) • GPS caesium clock

This doesn't sound like a reference source, or generally useful.


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