[time-nuts] New Member + Basic Questions

Ian Stirling is at opus131.com
Mon Jan 11 17:49:16 UTC 2016

On 01/10/2016 01:25 PM, Nathan Johnson wrote:

> Pretty sure this is where I want to go. I'm looking at Item#
> 231803015799 on the
> usual auction site, and this seems to be everything I need? I also
> looked at
> item# 111514491254


   I have an NTBW50AA. It can be monitored and controlled by the
excellent Lady Heather software. I have the antenna mounted on top of
a plastic pole strapped to the corner of my deck. It is connected to
the SMB to BNC supplied adapter using RG59 cable. Rather than ordering
the multi connector to supply power, I opened the unit, mounted a
coaxial power socket to the back and soldered wires from it directly
to the thick PCB power lines. The antenna works with my Ref1 Ref0 pair.
I use a 24 V power supply. It is very good, reasonably priced equipment.


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