[time-nuts] Possible 5372A available .. my usual luck

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Tue Jan 12 06:08:22 UTC 2016


On 01/12/2016 05:44 AM, Pete Lancashire wrote:
> I've been lucking for a 5372A with option 020 (fast memory i/o). Well two
> 5372A's showed up on the Eplace and one had option 020,the other didn't I
> bid and won.


> They shipped me the one wrong one.


> The seller has offered to have me ship it back but before I do, is anyone
> interested ?
> I paid just over $220 for it.
> I'm going to ask the seller to consider meeting half way on it, if not I
> can either send it
> back for a full refund or offer it here, I'm in Portland OR and it is HEAVY,

Well. The Option 020 isn't all that many pieces, at least in mine there 
already seemed to be all the drivers etc. on the board so all I was 
missing was the connectors at the back, oh... and flipping the 020 
option DIP-switch.

They should ship you the board and cables out of the back of the other 


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