[time-nuts] Vectron Crystal Oscillator

skipp Isaham skipp025 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 14 19:43:06 UTC 2016

Hello again to the Group, 

I was handed two small 15MHz Vectron Crystal Oscillator modules. They 
are the traditional DIP IC package layout, although only 3 pins exit what 
appear to be the 1-7 row while 4 pins are presented for the 8-14 row. 

There's not much in the way of indicated part numbers, but the date code 
is 8530. 

I can apply 5Vdc to pin 14, ground to 7 and obtain the 15 Mhz output 
from pin 3.  But there is no indication or easily found data regarding the 
supply voltage requirement. 

Would anyone with hands-on experience with these smaller Vectron Oscillator 
modules be able to confirm the typical IC DIP package operating voltage to 
be 5Vdc nominal?  And what you might expect the output impedance to be? 

thank you in advance for your reply 



skipp025 at yahoo com 

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