[time-nuts] Timelab, two SR620s and losing samples

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Jan 17 06:58:06 UTC 2016


On 01/16/2016 10:33 PM, John Miles wrote:
> Agreed with Magnus that there are a lot of possible variables in your setup that need to be ruled out.
> Are you using the SR620 driver in TimeLab, or did you find a way to get it to emit data continuously via the RS232 port for use with the talk-only driver?  I've seen occasional instances where a counter has ignored every other trigger when used in addressable mode by TimeLab.  It's not always readily reproducible, but the counter drivers in the current beta at http://www.miles.io/timelab/beta.htm seem to be a bit less prone to that behavior.  If you aren't already using the beta, try that.
> It's always safest to use counters in talk-only mode when possible, since that rules out any timing problems that might arise in a two-way GPIB or serial conversation where each individual reading is requested by the software as done by the 5313xA, Philips, DTS2070-series, and SR620 drivers.  Some of those counters can be used in both talk-only and addressable modes, but I don't believe that's true of the SR620, unfortunately.  All of the programming examples in the SR620 manual work by requesting each reading individually.

I think it is the AUTM command that should be used, as it lets you swap 
between automatically start a new measurement (AUTM1) or let it start 
after computer receives measurement (AUTM0).

I have not tried it, I just pulled the manual from the shelf.

Come to think of it, in principle I could duplicate this as I have two 
SR620 lying around, but I think I better grab that second RF section in 
the boot of my car, bring it in and put it into the rack which needs 


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