[time-nuts] GPSDO unclear situation

Anton Moehammad moehanton at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 27 12:17:32 UTC 2016

Hi All, 
My GPSDO based from VE2ZAZ design but I have a few question I do not clearly understand about GPSDO, like :
 1.How important the quality of 1 PPS signal based from jitter etc what the difference I will get between timing purpose GPS module like Ublox 6T or trimble resolution T with a position GPS module like ublox 6M or other in term of stability, accuracy and phase noise.
 2. I understand short time stability from OCXO is better than GPSDO ? can someone give me a clue what the time constant need for OCXO control (in my application 30 second) is that enough ?
3. I have few Rubidium oscillator and I read somewhere (I believe in KE5FX web) that GPSDO with rubidium osc is hard to beat, in what way ? short time, long time, phase noise.
My goal is "simple" I have access to national time reference lab ( an active Maser H ) I want to compare my reference to them off course there is no way I have same stability but anything not so "embrace" is fine to me 
Thank you for all opinion/advice.
Anton Hendra   

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