[time-nuts] HP5370B & HP5345B Front-End IC Redesign Effort

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Wed Jan 27 19:38:45 UTC 2016

Someone has already probably said, watch out for switching regulators.  BTW,
almost all the Hp instruments I have from the 80's era run hot as heck. I have
put on fans and piggybacked more fins (and more fins, and more fins...).  A
Military version of the 5328A counter I have has what sounds like a leaf
blower in it, with a proportional controller added.
If you do some work with switchers, I'm sure the list would be very interested!

Perry Sandeen via time-nuts
> Hi,
> Wrote: Since the front end chips are mixed signal ASIC’s, it will take more
> than a bit of time to replace them directly. Re-doing the entire front panel
> board is the most likely way to “fix”the problem. The question is - why do
> that at all? Just do a PC instrument that does the same thing as the counter
> with way less effort…..
> Well, I have two reasons not to.
> First I have about $1800 invested in my 3 5370’s including  the new CPU boards
> and blowing that off is not in my budget. I’ll kludge the living daylights out
> of my units before blowing off my investment.
> Second, I haven’t the slightest clue on how to do a PC instrument and I have
> to many other projects to finish to learn something new.
> Also there was much discussion about A and B cooling in the past and it seems
> the only things some did to their units was the addition of fan(s) on the
> cooling fins.  I had an external fan on a B I was running and the thing still
> was too hot.
> IMNSHO, I believe the front end chip failure is aggravated by the high
> interior heat level.  I’m committed to a number of other projects so it will
> be a while before I can work on mine.
> I’ll either rip the whole PS out and put it on another chassis, try better 3
> terminal regulators instead of the installed pass transistors, install
> switching regulator PS’s in place of the original PS, cut holes in the top lid
> and install 10 or 12 computer fans. Or a combination of the afore mentioned.
> I don’t give a rat’s behind how it will look. I’m only interested in it
> working properly.  I’ve spent 50 years in the electronics industry and I will
> find a way to skin this cat. I’ve done this to other equipment before. And
> when done I’ll tell the list how I did it.
> Regards,
> Perrier
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