[time-nuts] HP Equipment Running Hot as Heck...

Burt I. Weiner biwa at att.net
Thu Jan 28 00:22:51 UTC 2016


Something to be careful of... Be sure the mains voltage switch is set 
properly. I had a HP-3336A that ran hot like that. Like you, I put 
bigger and bigger heat sinks on the regulator, but all that seemed to 
do was make the bigger heat sinks as "hot as heck" also. What I 
discovered was that the mains voltage selector was set to 100 volts. 
I reset it to 120, (or was it 117) and it ran much cooler.

Burt, K6OQK

From: "Don Latham" <djl at montana.com>

Someone has already probably said, watch out for switching regulators.  BTW,
almost all the Hp instruments I have from the 80's era run hot as heck. I have
put on fans and piggybacked more fins (and more fins, and more fins...).  A
Military version of the 5328A counter I have has what sounds like a leaf
blower in it, with a proportional controller added.
If you do some work with switchers, I'm sure the list would be very interested!

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