[time-nuts] Newbie questions

timenut at metachaos.net timenut at metachaos.net
Thu Jan 28 00:56:22 UTC 2016

Bob, et. al.,

Thanks for the advice and information. That has helped a lot in closing some
holes and gives me a lot to consider. I am continuing to research and learn,
this is not a short term project as in building it this week or month. I need
to learn and work up to the full project. I will probably start small with
pieces and gather what equipment I can. Like many of my projects, this one
will probably have multiple sub-projects. Especially if I manage to snag test
equipment that needs repair.

Regrettably, the 260 was ordered from China, there were none from the US when
I ordered. I did know that it would be a crap shoot, but for $26 it was
something I could get now. I might even be lucky!

I am planning on including sawtooth correction in hardware. But, I have a good
bit to learn for that. It appears to be fairly simple given your processor
reads the sawtooth correction from the GPS receiver and sets up a programmable
delay for each cycle.

I have a dozen pieces floating in my head, I am certain I will be back for
more advice.

Thanks again.


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