[time-nuts] low noise multiplication to 100 MHz

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Tue Jan 26 23:16:12 UTC 2016

Back years ago I was a dealer for Aoyue rework stations,
so I use one of those.  They are all knockoff's of Hakko
stations, and frankly any that has a servo'd heat source
would do nicely.  What I sold had a digital temperature
control, and a flow meter to show how fast the air was
flowing.... kind of important to know, but you can wing
it easily enough.

There are scads of special tips available for all sorts
of different package types.  For small stuff, I use the
smallest round air nozzle... which is about 1/8 inch.  If
I am doing a large QPF package, I will often take the time
to put the right manifold/nozzle on the unit.  It depends
a lot on whether I am just scrapping parts off of a board,
or am trying to save the part/board.

Under board heating is very important to your success.

Back when I sold Aoyue, they were going for about $230,
which was pretty reasonable.  You can get them direct from
China cheaper than that... which is why I don't sell them

-Chuck Harris

Bryan _ wrote:
> Chuck, what do you use for a hot air source. The good ones are very expensive.
> Wonder if there is something for the hobbyist. Have seen a few repair videos where
> they used just used a hot air stripper. I had to yank a couple SMD resistors off a
> board the other day and had to use two soldering irons at each end of the resistor
> <g>. If they are small enough you can add a glob of solder to the whole resistor,
> so both ends will melt. Cheers
> -=Bryan=-

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