[time-nuts] moon bounce for synchronization

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Jan 31 00:27:59 UTC 2016

eb4apl at gmail.com said:
> Back to the Control Room you contact the transmitting station (I think  it
> was DSS12) by voice to insure that they have the station manned and
> transmitting, and began to operate the "thing". The transmission were
> specific for each receiving station, because all the complex processing  was
> done at the transmission end: the transmitting equipment accounted  for the
> instantaneous round trip distance between the transmitter and  the receiver
> via the moon and continuously adjusted the modulating code  "early" in order
> to to be received on time.  The equipment also  introduced a one microsecond
> shift each second. The receiver had a  correlator whose output went to an HP
> strip chart recorder which draw  the correlator output in one channel and a
> PPS with a minute mark in the  second. 

What sort of frequency accuracy were you after?

Did somebody have to correct for the Doppler due to the rotation of the Earth?

> Fortunately we relied on Loran C as our main clock offset determination
> method until the arrival of GPS. 

How did Loran synchronize their clocks?

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