[time-nuts] HP Z3801A Internal Power Supply issues

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Sun Jan 31 02:21:37 UTC 2016

My Z3801A began to die over the last few days. It would work for an hour 
or two then produce a receiver error and communications problems. Turn 
it off, let it sit awhile, back on and it would start the survey and 
then begin to recover. Tonight it finally went dead with high current on 
the main input . The feed supply  has a 2amp current limit so I have not 
blown the two 3amp fuses

I have a schematic of the supply reverse engineered by Stefan Hegnauere 
a few years ago (thank you very much) and a limited theory of operation 
description so I am not totally dead from a troubleshooting point of 
view although if one of the DC-DC converters is dead then I will likely 
have to scrap the supply

1) Any prior experience as where to look first I checked the 
electrolytics and at first glance they seem fine, no loss of magic smoke 
or any parts obviously hot or bulging. ESR 's look good on those
2) Will this supply function unloaded while I troubleshoot it on the 
bench out of the unit?
3) Anyone tried independent powering the Z3801? looks like two 5V 
supplies and +/- 15V..not hard to to do
4) Anyone with a good supply from a parts unit want to part with same?


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