[time-nuts] sine to square wave circuits - performance data?

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Tue Oct 3 22:38:16 UTC 2017


The last couple of days, I have been looking into sine to square
wave converters. There are a few proposed circuits[1-4] and there
is of course Collins' paper [5]. But I am unable to find actual
performance data of the different circuits. Does someone have
such data and would share it with me/us?

			Attila Kinali

[1] http://www.wenzel.com/documents/waveform.html
[2] http://www.ko4bb.com/~bruce/ZeroCrossingDetectors.html
[3] http://www.ko4bb.com/~bruce/CLKSHPR.html
[4] https://www.tapr.org/kits_t2-mini.html
[5] "The Design of Low Jitter Hard Limiters", by Collins 1996
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