[time-nuts] sine to square wave circuits - performance data?

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 4 02:11:02 UTC 2017

I am using the simplest possible sine to square wave converter on my HP5313xA counter time interval calibrator...  a capacitively coupled HCMOS gate (74HC86) biased at VCC/2 with two 47K resistors as shown in the LPRO manual and Wenzel's squarer page.  I was not expecting anything good, but was pleasantly surprised.   Attached is a plot of the xDEVS using a TAPR TICC... TICC clock was a 5071A 10 MHz,  chA input was the squared output of the second 5071A output 10 MHz signal divided to 1PPS with a TADD2-mini.  The squarer prototype was built on perf board using a DIP packaged part.

An update on the calibrator project:  I have the PCBs on order and they have supposedly been shipped, but are taking their sweet time getting here from China (despite paying for DHL 3 day shipping).  But, it looks like I need to tweak the PCB since the rotary switches that I received do not match the samples that I got... grrr...   I have found a local guy that may be able to assemble the boards for a quite reasonable price and another place for a semi-resonable price.

The same PCB order also included the boards for the X72 rubidium interface.
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