[time-nuts] PRS10 PRBB Shematics

Mike Cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Sat Oct 7 13:16:20 UTC 2017

Hi Jacques,
  I’ve bought three of these PRBB for my PRS10s and got none of the information that you are interested in supplied by SRS.
As you are asking for the Cannon connector used, I presume you don’t have one and maybe want to make one up? 
I have removed one and confirm that the Cannon connector is that described in the Operation and Service manual.
Unfortunately the parts are not in that manuals parts list. 

The connectors on mine are marked DAM-11WSM-A197   

You can get both that and the coax connector insert,DM53740-5008,  from Digikey for instance. Note the 2nd M is not in the Digikey reference.

Conceptually it looks pretty simple, with 10MHZ and 1PPS IN being just passed through and the data signals being inverted with a 74HC14D.
So there is no full RS232 conversion, limiting cable length probably. 
The 1LOCK/1PPS OUT signal through Cannon pin 1 appears to be double inverted before being fead to the BNC, to enable a LOCK lead to be lit as well as having the positive going  but narrow pulse.  


> Le 6 oct. 2017 à 23:19, Jacques Tiete <jacques at tiete.org> a écrit :
> Fellow timenuts,
> I’d like to find some more info about the SRS “PRBB” breakout board for the PRS10, schematic diagram, parts list (eg. the cannon pcb connector used) and all relevant info.
> An internet/timenuts research did not turn up anything relevant.
> thanks & 73’s,
> Jacques
> Jacques Tiete
> jacques at tiete.org
> GSM: 32(0)499 99 83 78
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