[time-nuts] NTP linked PC clock is slightly ahead of Lady Heather GPS time

Chris Wilson chris at chriswilson.tv
Wed Oct 11 11:29:18 UTC 2017

  11/10/2017 12:24

Probably   a   simple  answer,  but I am curious as to why my PC clock
which  is set by NTP on Windows 7 64 bit OS is ahead of Lady Heather's
time,  locked  to  a  Trimble  Thunderbolt  by  about  half  a  second
(guesstimate..)  I  caught  a screen shot of the discrepancy just now,
it's at http://www.gatesgarth.com/time.jpg

I use NTP for low signal WSPR transmissions and a second out isn't the
end  of  the  world,  if  indeed  something  IS out. More academic than
problematic, thanks

       Best Regards,
                   Chris Wilson.
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