[time-nuts] NTP linked PC clock is slightly ahead of Lady Heather GPS time

Chris Wilson chris at chriswilson.tv
Thu Oct 12 11:38:54 UTC 2017

Hello time-nuts folk,

Thanks  for  all  the replies, I see now that it is nothing to concern
myself  with, and my curiosity is satisfied, much appreciated, you are
true  time  experts!  :)  Good  to  see  Lady  Heather continues to be
updated, thanks Mark.

on 12/10/2017 12:36  you wrote:

> Lady Heather's screen clock ticks when the time message comes in
> (which can be offset from the actual time in the message).  Heather
> applies a receiver type dependent adjustment to the time in the
> message and then displays the time.  If you enable the digital
> millisecond clock you will see that the clock does not necessarily tick at hh:mm:ss.000

> The next release of Heather has an audible tick clock mode where it
> ticks at hh:mm:ss.000  This can be used to set your watch more accurately, etc.

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                   Chris Wilson.

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