[time-nuts] HP 3048 question: how to export graphs?

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Sun Oct 15 19:03:05 UTC 2017

I am running an HP 3048 under HTBasic and I
have a nice looking phase noise graph on the
screen.  I want to export the graph to the
world outside of RMB.  Using the "Hard Copy" or "Plot"
function keys does nothing, probably because
I don't have an HP-IB printer or plotter
connected.  (I actually have the extremely
rare HP-IB printer on hand, but I don't want a paper
copy, I want a .bmp or something like that).

I see that HTBasic has a Win-Print driver,
so I loaded that FWIW.  I don't see how to
make the RMB software connect to it.  The
HTBasic manual discusses how to print text
using this driver, but I want to print (or
plot) graphics.

The HTBasic site also shows a Microsoft
supplied HPGL filter that sounds like it
might emulate a pen plotter.  The HTBasic
manual says that you can write "PLOTTER IS
<filename>".  Maybe that will work.  I see
in the existing RMB code the program calls
line 25148 PLOTTER IS CRT and elsewhere
PLOTTER IS HPGL.  The 3048 help file says
holding down the shift key while pushing
the Plot button redirects to the HPGL plotter.
Can I simply replace "HPGL" with "<filename>
or something?

Then there are the Result (RESU) files.  Does
anyone know how to translate them into
anything readable?

As a last resort, I am using the keyboard's
"Print Screen" key to copy the screen to the
Windows 7 clipboard.  It is then available
to any Windows program.  That's clumsy but
better than nothing.

As a hardware engineer, even this simple software
stuff is above my pay grade.  Any help would
be appreciated.

When I first got the 3048, I tried PN3048.
I realize it can effortlessly export graphs.
According to the author, it does not support
various features that I need (and apparently
never will).  So I am stuck in the RMB world.

Rick N6RK

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