[time-nuts] inexpensive, black box, GPS or NTP based TTL time capture?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Oct 18 19:26:27 UTC 2017

> For under a $100 you could get a Raspberry Pi, a GPS HAT, and connect your
> input to a GPIO pin.  Configure ntpd to log the real PPS and the input as
> another 'PPS'. 

Is there an option to log all individual PPS events?

The $100 for a Pi might be significantly low.  It depends on what you have in 
your toy box.

Aside from the Pi and GPS HAT, you also need power and a micro SD card.  For 
black box applications, you probably want a case.  You may need an external 
GPS antenna.

For getting started, you also need:
  SD card reader/writer
  keyboard and mouse (Pi has USB)
  display adapter (Pi is HDMI)

I have an old KVM switch.  It uses PS2 rather than USB, so I need a PS2 to 
USB adapter.

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