[time-nuts] inexpensive, black box, GPS or NTP based TTL time capture?

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Wed Oct 18 21:48:51 UTC 2017

> picPET -- Precision Event Timer http://www.leapsecond.com/pic/picpet.htm

Thanks for the plug. Yes -- it does sub-microsecond relative time-stamping simply: one Schmitt-trigger TTL input pin and one RS232 output pin. But -- it's a $1 chip, not a black box. And the timestamps aren't UTC either. So I think it misses some requirements that Rob mentioned.

Another alternative is to use UBX-TIM-TM2 messages from ublox timing receivers.

Still, as much as I like ublox or picPET or John's high-res Arduino-based TICC or homebrew NTP / Pi project, I suspect they are not the turn-key commercial / industrial black box that Rob is looking for.


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