[time-nuts] inexpensive, black box, GPS or NTP based TTL time capture?

Bob kb8tq kb8tq at n1k.org
Thu Oct 19 01:02:30 UTC 2017


One of the big shocks shopping for some of this stuff is that the single piece price may be 
5X  the “volume price”. That’s not true of everybody, but it’s true of a lot of vendors. This sort
of thing does not apply only to GPSDO’s. 

On top of that, we get used to buying some items for “salvage” prices that are well below 
the original volume price. A GPSDO that we buy on eBay for $40 may have sold originally 
for $500 in volume. The single piece price (20 or 30 years ago) could have been $3,000. 

You could argue that this does not make any sense. You could also wonder how any get out
into the market with that sort of pricing. The answer may well be that if you are a large OEM
already doing a million dollars a year worth of business with the outfit, you can get a “loaner” 
for evaluation. 


> On Oct 18, 2017, at 8:39 PM, W7SLS <w7sls.scott at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Might be my first post.  Thanks for the group wisdom.
> I did not see any pricing on the web page for http://www.spectruminstruments.net/TM4.pdf <http://www.spectruminstruments.net/TM4.pdf>, and the site seems to be (c) 2007 (a decade ago).
> Before I contact that vendor, I’m curious about:
> 	- any ballpark ideas on cost?
> 	- any reason to prefer that over, say, a Jackson Labs Fury, or?
> My current setup is an eBay $130 GPSDO into an repurposed video distribution amplifier, to feed HP and Tek signal generators, frequency counters, etc.  I might be doing something wrong, but Lady Heather reports 63,000 (not a typo) ppb accuracy.   Not awful, but nowhere near the numbers discussed on this forum. hence my interest in something else.
> Thanks for considering,
> Scott W7SLS
>> On Oct 18, 2017, at 7:47 AM, Rob Seaman <seaman at noao.edu> wrote:
>> http://www.spectruminstruments.net/TM4.pdf <http://www.spectruminstruments.net/TM4.pdf>
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