[time-nuts] Sulzer 2.5 For Sale

Richard Mogford rchrdm at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 22 02:05:26 UTC 2017


I am selling a Sulzer 2.5 frequency standard.It is rack mounted with a 
separate power supply and no battery.It also has an “Amplitude Fault 
System.”(I have not been able to find out what this does.) There is a 
PDF manual that I will send the buyer with the equipment.  The switch 
setting #4 shows zero milliamps.

I am not an expert in these devices by any means, but have been running 
the Sulzer for several days using John Miles’ excellent TimeLab 
software.I have pasted in below an Allen Deviation plot for three days 
of data collection.

I will be selling the Sulzer on auction on eBay starting on Monday, 
October 23.The starting bid will be $200.Shipping may be around $50.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

rchrdm at earthlink.net

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