[time-nuts] Datum/Symmetricom Tymserve TS2100 GPS NTP Server Questions

Raoul Duke raoulduke_esq at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 25 01:01:25 UTC 2017

> The SV6's are all well past their rollover date.  
>A common problem with the SV6 (and the Motorola 6 and 8 channel receivers)  is the TCXO has drifted out of range.  Some have an adjustment cap that can be tweaked.

I'll look into that.  For the moment it appears that separating the TS2100 from other equipment, reducing internal temperatures, seems to be working.

The web page of the other TS2100, with the SV6, reports that it is in "Timecode Decoding Mode" and "Freewheeling".  Telnetting in: "timing / gps / health" returns "GPS Engine Busy", "timing / gps / health" returns "GPS Engine Busy:2", "signal" returns "*** err *** handshake timeout", "satellites" returns "*** err *** gps error" and "gpsversion" returns "GPS Engine Busy".  Does this imply that the SV6 is dead or just lost?  Are there any other diagnostics I should try?

The working (for now) TS2100 "gpsversion" returns "Nav 5.10 6/3/97 Sig 1.18 6/2/97" - does that identify its GPS receiver as an SV6 too?

Aside from that, the older TS2100 is definitely working, with correct time, and has been for months.  And we are now two years past Trimble's 1024 week bug, so I'm not really sure what you mean.  I take it that I shouldn't bother to upgrade to the 4.1 firmware?  And there is no schematic information available for replacing the XO for an OCXO?

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