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 Hoi Ulrich,

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> Eric has done a lot of excellent work, I know his presentations . While
> I do no always agree with the ADS approach and use my own software the ADS
> is a very good all-round CAD microwave CAD tool. More on the topic addressed 
> you will find under 
> http://www.microwavejournal.com/articles/29151-noise-analysis-then-and-today

Perfectly timed article! :-)
I did not have time to go through all the references yet, but I have a few

1) Is it possible to get 
U. L. Rohde, A. M. Pavio and R. A. Pucel, “Accurate Noise Simulation of Microwave Amplifiers Using CAD,” Microwave Journal, Vol. 31, No. 12, December 1988, pp. 130-141.YES  
somewhere? MWJ is pretty bad when it comes to accessing old issues.

2) How do you come up with accurate noise models/parameters for the transistors?
As far as I can tell, the spice models provided by the manufacturers have
often only a very crude approximation of what the real noise parameters
look like (if any at all) and have to be corrected to match reality.See my math derivation in 
The Design of Modern Microwave Oscillators for Wireless... - Google Scholar

3) What about the ADS approach do you not like? Not enough information about the math used ... possible shortcuts to be fast 

4) What is your own software? And would it be possible to get access to it?Ansoft Serenade Desktop  Program 

Side note: I do not fully understand how spice (or CAE software in general)
performs noise simulation, hence I do not trust it. So the simulations
I do are kind of syntetic that only take certain noise sources into account
which I deemed the ones dominating. It is typically an approximation 

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