[time-nuts] Re: UTC

Bjorn Gabrielsson bg at lysator.liu.se
Thu Jul 28 19:05:18 EDT 2005

mikes at flatsurface.com (Mike S) writes:

> At 01:58 PM 7/28/2005, Bjorn Gabrielsson wrote...
> >How does a properly implemented system accounting for leapseconds fail
> >when leapseconds fail to come? Sure there will be unnessesary code
> >that could be removed. But I do not see why the system would break.
> The legal system in the US (and many other countries) is based on
> solar time, so it would break legal timekeeping.

If specifying "_based_ on mean solar time" does the US (or other less
important parts of our globe) specify a reference to which particular
epoch it should be based on? -- a careful choice would ofcause
eliminate leap seconds... 


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