[time-nuts] Re: UTC

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Thu Jul 28 23:05:25 EDT 2005


This pointless argument is too reminiscent of what passes for
politics here in the USA - unfounded allegations and sudden
distractions from real issues.

The only real example of a problem concerned a cell phone and
an eclipse, and the desire to sell an application that would
mark the center of the eclipse with 0.1 second accuracy.

A cell phone is a human interface, and so human reaction times
are relevant. How many of you can answer the phone before the
first ring stops?

An eclipse is an observable event that gives plenty of warning
before totality. If you can't recognize totality without the aid
of an alarm clock then how does hearing an alarm help you? You
still won't be able to recognize totality when the event is over.

I am tired of the allegations and the issues that can't be
settled because they are matters of opinion. Please do something
useful and tell me how I can defeat the effort to remove leap
seconds, or worse, put leaps off until they are more acutely felt
by the next generation. Our politicians are really good at
putting things off, like the national debt and the end of a war.

Let us have activism, not argument.

Bill Hawkins

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