[time-nuts] Oncore VP problem

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Wed Jul 18 15:37:15 EDT 2007

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randy at geodetics.com writes:

Actually, no.

The receiver has to be reflashed in order to  update firmware, but the
receiver ID info is actually in EEPROM. There was  an old DOS program from
Moto that would allow you to edit the receiver ID  information in order to
change options.
Good point, I was only thinking of upgrades in the sense of  enabling 
options, hadn't got any further than that:-)
Any idea if copies of that old DOS program are still available?
It turns out to have been "another one of those days"
I installed TAC32 as you suggested, all up and running ok, but still no  1PPS.
I then did what I should have done earlier, and took the module  and it's 
motherboard out of the case to check it wasn't a physical  problem.
So now it turns out that it is working, and may well have been working  all 
along....only somebody screwed up the silk screen for the front panel  and 
labelled the output socket incorrectly.
It's a multipin connector and my 1PPS doesn't come out on  the supposed 1PPS 
connection, it comes out on a pin indicated as  Ov !!!
I might have expected that from a homebrew project  but this was marketed as 
a commercial product, and by a fairly large  company.
It looks like I'm back on track, with a few things learned along the  way, so 
many thanks for your assistance, which has been much  appreciated.
Thanks again also to Jason for the extra documentation.



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