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On 7/24/07, Rex <rexa at sonic.net> wrote:

> "possible management options for the
> future of the USCG LORAN–C Program:
> (1) Decommission the USCG LORAN–
> C Program and Terminate North
> American LORAN–C Signal. Under this
> alternative, all USCG LORAN–C signals
> would be terminated at one time. All
> USCG LORAN Stations would be
> decommissioned; ..."
> That would clearly be more than moving one station.

It's descibed as a "possible management option". Due diligence would
require them to consider all reasonable alternatives. "The U.S.
Government will give users reasonable notice if it concludes that
LORAN-C is not needed or is not cost effective, so that users will
have the opportunity to transition to alternative navigation aids."

The existing VOR/TACAN/NDB aeronautical navigation system is in danger
of being found cost-ineffective too, but they can't just pull the plug
on it.

My flying club owns an aircraft with a LORAN navigator on board, it's
been there since I joined the club almost twenty years ago....but we
have a Garmin GNS430 in the panel now too. LORAN's days have been
numbered for a while now.

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