[time-nuts] GPS common view Receiver

Erik Kroon ejkroon at hetnet.nl
Wed Jul 25 15:20:51 EDT 2007

Dear All,

I was wondering some of you are using AOA TTR5 like 
receivers. In some time I will get a receiver like it. It is a one channel
CA code receiver for GPS common view. It is using the BIPM
schedule of 48 measurements a day. It need a 10 MHz and a 1pps to work.
Even using one channel and CA code the accuracy is within 10 ns. ( the receiver
is calibrated for delay) It has it a internal TI counter and the output is a file following the
IUT format. It comes with a precision choke ring antenna (AOA + build in down converter). 
But I am not able to use it at home. Maybe it is interesting for some time nuts. If some one is interested
please contact me at pe1rqf at amsat.org . Also I have a Symmetricom TS-2100 IRIG I
don't use. Using a 1pps or put a gps inside it is a good ntp server.

Best regards,

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