[time-nuts] Choosing an Oscillator...

Robert Sexton robert at kudra.com
Sat Jul 28 12:17:23 EDT 2007

Hi gang,

I'm still headed towards getting a Stratum 1 NTP server up and going.

 From what I've learned so far, higher quality PPS signals aren't going 
to do a lot for me if my server has a wiggy clock.  That makes perfect 
sense.  Now I just have to figure out how to get a good clock into my 
server a la the soekris clock-block approach.

So what do people recommend for somebody working on a small budget?

It looks like Efratom Rubidium standards are available on ebay, but the 
going rate looks like about $200, which is a bit much for me.

I also see that HP 10544As are available on ebay for a lot less, 
probably under $100.  I guess I could put it in a well insulated box and 
discipline it using my Garmin and a Reflock (I do need to learn how to 
work with CPLDs...).

Thanks for any suggestsions,

- Robert Sexton

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