[time-nuts] My Casio G-Shock watch and other fun stuff

Palfreyman, Jim L Jim.Palfreyman at team.telstra.com
Thu Jun 21 00:04:49 EDT 2007


My watch is one of these:


(Casio module 3050)

I was wondering whether it was good design on Casios part - i.e.
discipline the oscillator based on the radio signal, but if yours is off
then that throws that idea out the window. Is it the same watch?

I really need another unit as a control.

Jim Palfreyman

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>I reported the unusual accuracy of my Casio G-Schock radio controlled 
>watch (with the radio controlled feature turned off) a month or so
>Well to back up my rough observations I decided to measure it properly.

I'm just impressed with your watch.  My G-Shock stumbles all over itself
when the radio signal is missed, varying over a second a day.  Sounds
like you got a good manufacturing "outlier".

John De Armond
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